Static file web publishing with a dynamic twist.

Request an API key

Hydrator helps you build JavaScript-based dynamic websites with the simplicity of static file routing, and deploy them with a single command — no servers to manage.

  1. Install node v6.
  2. npm install --global [email protected]
  3. hydrator auth <key>
  4. hydrator create my-project && cd my-project
  5. echo "response.ok('Hello, world! ' + new Date())" > index.hydrator.js
  6. hydrator deploy --email <[email protected]>

The project is now deployed at sparkling-waterfall-62f644.rehydrated.site.

Customize the host with --host <hostname>, either a custom subdomain on rehydrated.site, or a custom domain (requires DNS CNAME/ALIAS record to rehydrated.site).

For a more thorough example of Hydrator’s capabilities, add --sample to the above create command:

hydrator create my-project --sample

which creates a project like this: sample.rehydrated.site.

You can serve the project locally using hydrator serve

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Request access

Hydrator can be used to develop locally without an API key. However, deployment to the hosting service requires a key during the beta period. Deploys are 100% free (with reasonable limits) and always will be.